Cured Sheep Cheese ‘Rosemary’ - Buenalba

Cured Sheep Cheese ‘Rosemary’ - Buenalba
Cured Sheep Cheese ‘Rosemary’ - Buenalba Cured Sheep Cheese ‘Rosemary’ - Buenalba Cured Sheep Cheese ‘Rosemary’ - Buenalba
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Cured Sheep Cheese with Rosemary by Buenalba.

Buenalba, a small family cheese-maker from La Mancha for four generations, is proud to offer this incredible cheese... 'Cured Goat Cheese with Wine'.

This is fundamentally a Manchego cheese, but at the very earliest part of the cheese-making process, ground fresh rosemary leaves are blended with the sheep milk, imparting the aromatic flavour of the La Mancha countryside. The cheese is made using fresh raw sheep milk and is cured for 6 - 8 months.

Buenalba cheeses are unique, with a beautiful presentation and a delightful, approachable flavour profile. All are made by the Alvarez Valera family, who shepherd the animals themselves, thus ensuring the freshest, finest quality cheeses possible. The family has been running the company for four generations, with decades of experience and a focus on quality, all natural cheeses. We are proud to offer these to you.

Curing: 6 - 8 months approximately.

* Due to the artisanal nature of this cheese, the weights displayed are approximate.

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